Sunday, March 05, 2006

Jackie and the Retrievers: Part II

Yesterday was our last game for Jackie & the Retrievers. We had a great season. What I enjoyed most was seeing the growth in the kids - not only in their basketball skills, but also in their bond together. That is why I love to coach - watching individuals develop into a team.

Jackie: I enjoyed coaching you this year. I enjoyed watching you happily dribble the ball up the court. I was so proud of the way you shot the ball and the way you played defense. Most of all, I enjoyed the nights taking you to practice. I loved spending time together, just you and I. I love you momma.


Anonymous said...

So, the basketball season is over, eh? Viv and I were so happy to catch one of the games, and see all that energy and enthusiasm among the little ones. I'm very proud of Jackie, and how she is developing her skills. Hip, Hip, Hooray for Jackie! I'm assuming that by now she knows to block her opponent from the other team (and not her own team mates). With her discipline and stamina, she'll follow in the footsteps of Bill Russell, no doubt. I also thought of Denis Rodman as an example, but he's such a jack___!

That was a touching note, about the 3 O'Leary's going out for dinner to remember and honor your father. Tonight over dinner, we'll lift a toast to Irish Jack, over here in Croton!

And then, we have the news of the next addition. Well, as you know that threw us for a mini-loop, and I'm still processing all this. But I know this is what you want; I know you guys are in sync; and I know you will love our new grandchild as much as you love his/her predecessors. And that's a lot of powerful love! So, we join you in the love, and look forward to seeing you soon.

P.S.: Good luck on the real estate front; this will be a busy period, no doubt.

Love, Abu

Anonymous said...

Hey O
I'm just catching up on your blog. Congrats on the upcoming baby. It sounds like Jackie is on her way to being a Lady Stag. I never thought back on that Sept. morning in the Bronx (having breakfast at my uncle's), that we would still be friends 18 years later. And I never imagined I would be reading about your interactions with your 3 (soon to be 4) children. But I do have to say, that it is so nice to read about your adventures.
When Jackie's ready to learn some big girl moves, let me know :-)

JohnnyO said...

Thanks for your wonderful comments. I am glad you enjoy the blog. You get a quick glimpse into my current daily life. Can it really be 18 years? I am glad you were my first Fairfield friend. I am so excited about your Lady Stag offspring being born soon. You will be entering the parenting world soon, and believe me it is AWESOME!